Move Beyond Betrayal

Get help dealing with the lying, cheating, gaslighting, and abuse that come with betrayal.

You’re not overreacting and you’re not going crazy. Betrayal trauma is real.

Before discovery, your life was your life. Normal, ordinary, everyday life. Now, it’s a shitshow.

You’re probably wondering what happened to the person you love. How could he do this to you? What was he thinking? Who is this psychopath wearing his skin?

You might feel brokenhearted, furious, confused, ashamed, hopeless, numb… all while still loving your partner. This shit is complicated.

You’re not alone. I’ve been there. Let’s figure this out together.

Coping with Betrayal Trauma

Wondering why you feel torn in half? Or how to stop obsessive thoughts? Maybe you want to know what to do when he won’t stop lying. Or simply how to stop feeling like you’re losing your mind. I’m here to help.